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Param Education Mission and Vision

Based in Marion Street Black town, the Institute for Mission (IFM) team offers programs
and resources for life in faith among the people of the large and growing Diocese of Parramatta.

A progressive and dynamic curriculum incorporating changing needs of society and profession to be taught by highly competent interdisciplinary team of faculty of professionals and academicians.
Hands-on, process-based learning through problem solving and critical thinking.
Creation of awareness among students regarding responsibilities of built environment on communities in the realm of social, political, environmental and economic issues in creating a sustainable future locally, nationally and globally.
Engagement in productive partnership with academia, industry and Government.
Sensitization in various social, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds in making them responsible, versatile, creative and compassionate citizens. Encouragement, engagement and active participation in community based projects, locally, nationally and globally.
Generation and preservation of knowledge for the students, profession and community of scholars.
Contribution to the design profession around the globe through educational innovation and academic outreach.

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